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Copies of art-works

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Portrait to order

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Teacher Ivan Vostrykh

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Teacher Maria Lashkevich

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Art Therapy


Author and Project Head Natalia Serkova: 

a psychologist, psychotherapist, teacher, actress, poet and journalist, researcher at the Institute for Planetary Synthesis (Geneva), consecrated master and simply a person who creates ART GALAXY and builds the Golden City.


ART GALAXY consists of star-people united by Creativity in the beauty of development and transformation of life.

Healing Art is the art therapy space where it is simple finding yourself, seeing yourself and others.

For your stable happiness, it is possible to get: mental health care and expanding the boundaries of life... on club activities in the group.

Art sessions – it is a creative atmosphere, communication with the mysterious inner world and interesting people.

ART THERAPY – the psychological science and creativity for the sake of finding unity in the inner world. Encouraging people to express their feelings in the visual form, in the music and dance form the soul wounds can be healed. This leads to a reduction of anxiety and tension, improves relationship. Thanks to the creation of new images and artwork the person is diverted, finds out much new about himself and focuses on what helps to get rid of difficult experiences and transforms him. The master conducting the classes creates the conditions and we draw, sculpt, dance, sing, etc. We extend the communication language and find out the new and surprising about ourselves, develop the skills of self-observation, self-exploration and self-learning of new relationship and manifestation. Therefore practicing self-knowledge through creativity, we heal our emotional and value self-attitude. The effect of these exercises depends on how much intuition we involve. The orderly process of art-sessions contributes to it: they are short (2-3 hours) and as a result a new experience in perception (outlet of emotions, a catharsis, the new birth, the development of interest and a new look).

Even passive viewing works of art changes mood, perception, and...



ART SESSION: drawing, brushes, paints, movement in dance, voice, music, poetry, fate modeling.

Through art we perceive own and other’s inner worlds, meet the master.

Informal communication, authentic feelings, finding new friendly relationship. LIFE CONSISTS OF RELATIONS.

Diversity of perceptions and Unity in co-creation in special seminars (Advanced course for seekers of truth...). Training in the travel.






Natalia Vasilievna

Phone: 8 (050) 312 10 94

8 (044) 280 97 35

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Modeling, gilding

Gilding is the process of applying a gold layer to the surface of articles, structures and architectural constructions, which positively affect the strength of products and give them an exquisite expensive look. 

Fire gilding is considered the most ancient techniques of gilding. In Russia, this method was called burnt gold. It was widely used in Russia since the IX century. Annealing method is burning saluted high-grade gold in mercury (amalgam) to complete evaporation of mercury. This technology was widely used in the architecture, the most famous samples are: gilt domes of St. Isaac’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg (1838-1841) and the spire of the bell tower of Peter and Paul cathedral in St. Petersburg were gilded fire way in 1735 and 1744.

Another use of fire gilding technique is icon painting on metal of the same name. One of the most famous monuments made in this technique is Golden Gate of Nativity Cathedral in Suzdal. The advantage of this method is high corrosion resistance. A disadvantage is high toxicity. Thus, while gilding domes of St. Isaac's Cathedral about 60 people died of mercury vapor poisoning.

The modern technology is usually based on the principle of electroplating which allows obtaining a superfine coating of gold. Sometimes gold leaf is used for gilding different surfaces. Gilding as a processing method is widespread in jewelry.

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Stained glass

 Stained glass is a work of fine art having decorative or ornamental nature made of colored glass and designed for through light as a mean to fill in the opening, usually a window, in any architectural construction.

From ancient times, stained glass windows were used in the temples. Stained glass window art is an ancient and bright layer of the human culture. More than a thousand years people admire monumental creations of artists and architects of the early Middle Ages. Modern stained glass art enraptures art lovers no less than the ancient creations. These gorgeous stained glass-wares combine accuracy and subtlety of technologies, a unique author's style and deep traditions of the skill perfected by centuries. The art of creating stained glass confidently gains attention of fans of the beautiful. It has become fashionable to replace the traditional cottage ceiling with easy and transparent ceiling, designed by individual sketches. Stained glass windows add special mysteriously bewitching, fascinating and attractive atmosphere to your home. When sunlight breaks through the colored glass it brings originality and glamour to your residence image and becomes an admiration subject.

Now several different types of stained glass windows differ depending on the manufacturing method:

* Classic stained glass is formed by the transparent pieces of glass, held in place by soft metal or plastic partitions.

* Overlay stained glass is obtained by fusing technology, sometimes with gluing items to the base.

* Painted stained glass is a drawing painted on the glass surface with transparent colors.

* Membranous stained glass is made when a bonding strip and colored adhesive membrane are glued to the surface of glass (British technology).

* Combined stained glass.

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A wide range of artworks by artists from all regions of Ukraine and the city of Kiev to any taste and pocket is presented here. Our artists can create paintings of any subjects, in various styles by your request.


Portrait to order – the service is in extraordinary demand, for many people would like to perpetuate themselves or family, relatives and friends.


We produce big and small items of plastic arts for your interior or garden decoration.


At your desire, our artists can paint any oil painting reproductions of the Great Masters.


In addition, you can choose antiques on your demand here.


We legalize papers for exporting art works abroad.


Though all our paintings are already framed in the quality baguettes, we always can change the frame of the purchased painting to your taste.


Our experts also are engaged in restoration of works of art.


The "Raritet-Art" studio regularly holds exhibitions and art events (please visit the "Events" section on our site). Our fine art experts will advise you for your better choice of the work of art.


Designers of our art studio are engaged in decoration of restaurants and offices with works of art.


Muralists will decorate your interior with mural painting, elements of mosaics, modeling and even gilding!


In the painting courses and master classes hold in our art studio on a regular basis, the experienced tutors teach people to create real works of art.


We cooperate only with the best artists of Ukraine. Our collective includes People’s Artists and Honored Artists of Ukraine, full members of National Ukrainian Academy of Arts, members of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine and other painters whose works are sold successfully in Ukraine and abroad.


About two hundred professional artists can perform quickly and efficiently any artwork that you choose.


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Temple paintings

Sunday, 11 November 2012 13:47

Secular paintings

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Author and Project Head Natalia Serkova:

a psychologist, psychotherapist, teacher, actress, poet and journalist, researcher at the Institute for Planetary Synthesis (Geneva), consecrated master and simply a person who creates ART GALAXY and builds the Golden City.


ART GALAXY consists of star-people united by Creativity in the beauty of development and transformation of life.

Healing Art is the art therapy space where it is simple finding yourself, seeing yourself and others.

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Since ancient time people are interested in own personalities. Portraits from the depths of time bring us images of the ordinary and outstanding people. We, contemporaries, have more opportunities to preserve our images for the descendants and friends. This is facilitated by the incredible development of photography. Still the image of the world created by the fine arts brings unfathomable fullness and integrity. Our homes are decorated with picturesque landscapes and still lives but seldom with portraits. For they require a special attitude and cannot be accidental. Most of them are made to order. Besides similarity of appearance, the portrait painter aspires to convey creatively most inherent model’s character traits to reveal the inner world by means of painting, drawing or sculpture.

Portrait as a genre appeared a few thousand years ago in ancient art and gained its golden age during the Renaissance when famous artists of that time such as Botticelli, Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci and others applied themselves to the portrait art.

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We create stylish art works that become your original and unique gifts.

Talented artists, designers and jewelers will create exquisite works of art for you. We create exclusive gifts and jewelry to order. Gold, silver, platinum, copper, semi-precious stones and other materials are transformed by skilled hands of masters into fine art, deposits of precious stones with a subtle and unique cut. Original and exclusive gifts surprise and make the recipient feel like a VIP person, the one whom you really value!

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